Young Person Disabled Care

Age and disability should never be a barrier to ensuring quality of life. Our Young Person Disabled (YPD) care services are uniquely tailored to a younger person’s needs, distinct from aged care, and are available in certain locations for those under 65 who require assistance with self-care, mobility and/or communication.

Our wonderful team of skilled and experienced care staff work closely with residents to nurture and maintain optimum independence and control. Our Enabling Good Lives programme ensures that ourthe YPD residents receive not only comprehensive health care but also opportunities for personal growth, social interaction, and community engagement, tailored to their age and abilities. We partner with our disabled residents to ensure that they experience greater control over their lives, and enjoy the respect they deserve as contributing citizens of our society.

Our programme of care is based on the following principles:

  1. Disabled people are in control of their lives which results in empowerment and independence.
  2. We will support our disabled residents to have control by strengthening networks, and tailoring our care to meet their preferences and aspirations.
  3. Encourage and support residents in achieving as much independence as possible.
  4. Provide opportunities for skill development, education, and vocational training as appropriate.
Person centred and individualised care
  1. Recognize and respect the unique needs, preferences, and aspirations of each young disabled resident.
  2. Develop personalised care plans that cater to their specific health, social, and developmental needs.
  3. Each young disabled resident will have a plan of care tailored to their individual needs.
  4. Disabled people have the right to make choices about their care needs. The plan of care will be based on strengths and interests.
Inclusive Community Engagement
  1. Foster an inclusive environment where young disabled residents feel valued and are encouraged to participate in community activities.
  2. Facilitate access to local events, clubs, and activities that align with their interests and abilities.
Holistic Development
  1. Address not just physical health needs but also the mental, emotional, educational, and social development of young disabled residents.
  2. Collaborate with educational and developmental experts to provide tailored learning and growth opportunities.
Family and Social Support
  1. Encourage and facilitate family involvement in the care and life of the resident
  2. Promote social interactions with peers and community members to enhance social skills and relationships.

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