Respite Care

Respite care provides short-term care and support for individuals who are unwell, recovering from illness or who just need extra support for a bit. Ranging from a couple of days to a few weeks, respite care allows a person’s usual carer to take a break, and can offer a patient a refreshing change of scene too. It can also be a good way to experience life in a care home and see if it could be a good alternative to in-home care, pending a needs assessment.

At Radius Care, we welcome respite residents as part of our community, offering them the same companionship, compassion and respect we do for every resident. Our team are highly experienced, friendly and ready to provide care that meets individual needs. Many of our facilities are situated in lovely garden surrounds and offer a peaceful and restful environment for recovery, and within accessible facilities designed to ensure quality of life for older people.

In some instances, and dependent on an NASC (Needs Assessment Service Coordination) assessment, respite care may be partially funded by the government through your local health authority.

If you are interested in organising respite care for yourself or a loved one give us a call and we can support you through the process, or find a care home near you, and let us show you around.

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