Palliative Care at Radius

Our palliative care services provide comfort and support to people approaching the end of life or living with life-limiting illness, as well as their families and loved ones. Our care is a wrap-around service that includes practical, emotional, cultural and spiritual support to help people be comfortable, ease distress and extend quality of life in every way possible.

Palliative care can be for a short intensive time and acute in nature, or requiring ongoing care and symptom management for a longer time. At Radius Care, specialist medical services and clinical staff trained in palliative care are available to meet ongoing comfort and care requirements, such as managing pain and symptoms, supporting integrated services (such as hospice teams), and always with communication and involvement of family members.

Our team ensures that those in our care are supported with any decisions they may need to make, and that their wishes and needs are respected and met as an individual, with dignity, compassion and competence.

If you have been advised to seek palliative care and need urgent support or aren’t sure how to proceed, call us for guidance or find a care home near you.

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