Rest Home Care

For our residents who are reasonably independent and mobile but just need extra support in daily life, our rest home level care provides a flexible degree of support, a comfortable home, and a social community to enjoy so guests can live easy and take time to enjoy the pleasures in life together. All meals and cleaning are taken care of, as well as laundry and bedding.

Many of our care home residents take part in frequent activities, hobbies and outings, and are active, engaged and able. As with every level of care we provide, we are always responsive to each person’s individual needs and offer some personal care and general support in day-to-day activities where needed.

In addition, we offer physical therapy programmes to support ongoing wellness and mobility so our residents can continue to enjoy life longer.

Care to stay able and active

Falls are unfortunately an increasingly frequent occurrence for people as they get older. Falls prevention is an important part of our care provision. Ensuring that the correct footwear is on, having a clutter free environment and attending exercise classes to improve strength and balance all goes towards minimising the risk of falls.

If you are considering the possibility of moving into a care home, or finding a place for a loved one, don’t hesitate to call us to talk it through, or organise a visit to one of our care homes so we can show you how we care and help you understand how it works.

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