Your 6-step Care Plan

At Radius Care, we do everything we can to make the transition to residential care as easy and comforting for you and your loved one as possible. Our simple 6-Step Care Plan is a good place to start.

step one


a Needs Assessment

step two


Complete Needs Assessment

step three


a Plan
of Action

step four


the Right
Rest Home

step five


Sign the Admission Agreement

step six


Apply for
a Subsidy
or Loan

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Staff at Radius Care
Guiding your loved one into care

His great age made him fragile but he was always treated with dignity and respect. I think he really came to know his carers, had some good conversations with them, and came to feel secure.

Jane Smith​

Radius Hawthorne, Christchurch​

Having to move Dad in to a rest home was one of the hardest decision we, as a family, had to make and I am so grateful we chose well. Every last member of the staff I encountered provided a warm, friendly and caring atmosphere.

Jenny Gordon​

Radius Baycare, Haruru Falls​

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To be able to have people leave feeling good about their loved one being in care, that’s a core value I think. And I felt if we could achieve that then we would be ahead of the game in terms of aged care in New Zealand.

Brien Cree, Managing Director

We can help.

The team at Radius Care take the time to understand you and your loved one’s needs first. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time. We love to listen and share our expertise.

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