1st April 2021

To Radius Care Families and Friends,

We understand that all Radius Care residents and families are eager to know what is happening with the COVID-19 vaccination roll-out.

The vaccination of our residents and staff is an absolute priority for Radius Care.

The national vaccination roll out is well underway. Following border staff and MIQ workers, the next group to be vaccinated will include frontline health workers and people living in “high-risk settings”. This includes both staff and residents in aged care homes. This group will be receiving the vaccine between now and May.

The free vaccine gives everyone in New Zealand, and especially those at greatest risk, increased confidence that COVID-19 can, and will be managed.

Vaccinations at Radius Care Facilities

Every year Radius Care conducts a flu vaccine programme for our residents, and our COVID-19 vaccination programme will be very similar.

Local DHBs decide when vaccinators will attend aged care facilities in their regions. They will advise Radius Care facilities as to when their vaccinators will be available.

People in New Zealand are receiving the Pfizer vaccine which requires two doses, administered to the upper arm. It’s about 95% effective against COVID-19, seven days after receiving both doses. This Pfizer vaccine has been approved by MedSafe for people 16 years or older.

We will provide further materials in coming weeks to keep residents informed. However, if you have any questions about the vaccine, we encourage you to visit the Ministry of Health website or discuss it with your GP.

The best way to protect ourselves from COVID-19 is to ensure that our residents and their wider community protect themselves by taking the vaccine. We encourage the families and friends of our residents to take on the same message.

By taking a one team approach – staff, residents, family and friends – and taking up this free vaccination, we can put COVID-19 in its place and get back to life as we knew it.

Kind regards,

Stuart Bilbrough
Chief Executive Officer