6 July 2020

To the families and friends of Radius Care residents,

RE: Covid-19 Update

We wish to update you on our continuing vigilance to keep Covid-19 out of facilities.

At the time of writing this letter, there are 22 confirmed cases in New Zealand. While these cases are all in isolation, we are becoming increasingly concerned that with the significant numbers of people coming through our border, there is an ongoing risk that Covid-19 could find its way into one of our care homes.

We are monitoring the situation daily and have protocols in place to be able to respond regionally to any threat that may occur. While we have opened up visiting at all of our sites, we still need all visitors to check their temperature and provide details for every visit.

Due to the lower number of administrative staff on duty over weekends, some of our facilities are running appointment only visits during these times. We ask that you do bear with us. I know, at times, it can be very frustrating when all you want to do is come in and visit, and there seems to be no reason why you should be restricted, but we are trying to maintain a 100% success rate in this environment. We are trying to manage a significant number of people and meet the need of everyone as much as possible.

We are looking at automated scanning technology that would take a person’s temperature and allow them to log in automatically as they come through the door. This technology is relatively new and currently doesn’t perform to the standard that we would require. However, I have no doubt that as the months roll by, it will improve significantly, and we will move towards having a longer-term solution that doesn’t require the significant personal input of staff.

When you do visit, you may be asked to don a mask and sometimes gloves. Please bear with us in this regard as in some regions, we are finding that we have to be more vigilant than in others dependent upon where new cases are discovered.

Thank you again for your continued support as we learn more about the new normal of living in a World with Covid-19 whilst trying to get back to our old normal as much as possible.

Yours faithfully,
Radius Care

Brien Cree
Executive Director/Chairman