12 August 2020

To Radius Care Families and Friends,

RE: Covid-19 Update

I would like to update you on the steps Radius Care is taking in view of the events of the last 12 hours.

As you are no doubt aware, Auckland has been placed in Level 3 Lockdown with the rest of the Country placed in Level 2 Lockdown. This is due to community transmission that has occurred in South Auckland. Community transmission is far more problematic than Covid-19 cases in managed isolation. For example, a person who has contracted the virus through community transmission could have travelled to another part of the Country, inadvertently transferred the virus to someone else, and then returned to Auckland.

As we are currently unaware of the details around the latest outbreak, we have made the decision to lockdown all of our facilities across the whole of New Zealand. This means we are stopping all visiting to our facilities for the next few days until we understand better what has occurred and if there is a more appropriate response for us to take. The exceptions to these restrictions are people visiting palliative residents, or visits on compassionate grounds.

a) Palliative Visits
We ask that prior to visiting families nominate two people from the family to be designated visitors and that the names of those people be provided to your facility and appointments made through the facility to visit. This will allow us to manage visitors and ensure that we are able to give everyone the time they need.

b) Visiting on Compassionate Grounds
For visitors who feel they should be allowed access on compassionate grounds, we ask that you contact your facility manager to discuss this.

As in our previous lockdowns, I do ask that you all take the time to consider not visiting for the next few days as it does place a considerable burden on the staff, and you may inadvertently put all the residents of the facility at risk.

At this stage, we anticipate that this will be a short-term event, and we are reviewing these decisions on a daily basis to ensure that we are back to normal as quickly as possible.

Thank you again for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,
Radius Care

Brien Cree
Executive Director/Chairman

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Radius Care, our number one priority is the health, both physical and mental, of our residents. Rest Homes can be a worrying prospect, both for those moving and their families. We’ve put together this short list of questions that may help.

What determines whether I can move into a rest home?

People move into rest homes for different reason. Some may feel like it’s the best decision for their family, both financially and logistically. Others realise that they can’t take care of themselves any more, and a rest home is the best places to be looked after, while some move to be around other people.

Do I have to move?

Unfortunately, sometimes the decision involving rest homes has to be made by others for the sake of an elderly loved one. It’s a major decision and not one to be taken lightly. At the end of the day, an improved quality of life is usually the ultimate goal. If you benefit from moving into a rest home, then it’s almost certainly the correct decision.

What can I do to find a rest home that suits me?

You can get a list of rest homes in your area from the District Health Board, your local Age Concern, or the Needs Assessment and Service Coordination agency. Here at Radius Care, we put our residents first and foremost. We have a reputation for outstanding patient care, hospitality and professionalism.

What government funding is available to help with the costs?

Once you have been assessed as 'needing care' the person who carried out your needs assessment will explain how to apply for the Residential Care Subsidy. Government helps to fund the cost of care through this subsidy. It is means tested and depends on the level of your assets and income.

If your assets are equal to or below the asset threshold, you will qualify for the subsidy to pay for most of the cost of your care. The income test then determines what you will have to contribute to the cost of your care from any income you receive. To get full details about the Residential Care Subsidy and find out if you might qualify, contact Work and Income Residential Subsidy Unit. They can also be contacted on their helpline: 0800 999 727 If you don’t qualify for the subsidy, you will have to pay your own way. However you can ask for a review of your means test at any time if you think you might have become eligible for the subsidy.

How are the quality of rest homes monitored?

Rest homes must meet the Health and Disability Services Standards NZS 8134:2008, and be certified to operate by the Ministry of Health. They must also meet the requirements set in their contract with the District Health Board. The Ministry of Health arranges both regular and ‘spot’ audits of all rest homes to ensure they are continuing to meet both the Standards, and the District Health Board contract requirements. The District Health Board and the Ministry of Health will carry out additional inspections if needed. Summaries of audits for all residential homes are available for the public to read on the Ministry of Health’s web site page. Radius Care have an outstanding record with our audits.

Find a Radius Care location near you

Our rest home contact details can be found on each facilities page. To find the home you are looking for please visit our locations page and click on the name of the home you are after.